pumps & motors

Whether your products move, turn, shape, mold, lift, dig, or haul, you can depend on our hydraulic pumps to deliver the performance you need to stay competitive.

On-road, off-road, agriculture, mining, marine, industrial, even on the lawn and in the garden when the task requires reliable, efficient, cost-effective hydraulic muscle, we offer solutions you can count on, backed by service designed to ensure your complete satisfaction.

> > gear pump and motors

Our standard range offers group 1, 2 and 3 with displacements from 1,07 cm3/rev to 91.10 cm3/rev.

There is a choice of drive shafts, mounting flanges and ports according to international standards, or you can select a combination of multiple pumps in standard version, common inlet and separated stages.

We also offer integrated outboard bearings for heavy duty application, and versions with built-in valves.

> > geroter hi torque motors

Orbital/geroter motors are known for their solid reliability, extreme durability and high efficiency under harsh conditions, and deliver an optimum performance when it’s needed. Many customized adaptations are available, including ultra-short motors, integrated brakes, wheel motors and speed sensors. Tell us your requirements, and we’ll offer you the best motor to suit.

> > hand pump

We offer a range interchangeable modular design hand pumps for maximum flexibility.

There is a choice of displacements, circuits and features, all with or without reservoir.

An ideal solution for auxiliary or emergency applications.

> > piston pumps and motors

Piston Pump

Piston pumps are in-line, variable displacement units and are available in various sizes. Displacement is varied by means of pressure and/or flow compensator controls. An impressive assortment of control options offers maximum operating flexibility. Many pumps are available in a thru-drive configuration to accommodate a multitude of application and installation requirements.

Piston Motor

We offer a range of bent axis and in-line piston motors with various displacements which meet application needs ranging from the most demanding industrial environment to the smallest mobile machinery.

> > vane pumps and motors

Vane Pump

Intravane pumps provide longer life, increased productivity and application versatility. Extremely low sound levels are compatible with the most demanding industrial applications.

Compact size and ease of service allows maximum equipment design flexibility. Pumps are available in single, double and thru-drive configurations.

Vane Motor

We also offer fixed displacement vane motors, which are compact, economical high power density solutions to the needs of industrial and mobile applications. They are available in a range of displacements to meet most requirements.