about us


Founded in 1976, we are a well established, family owned company who have steadily grown in size and strength by maintaining a first class level of customer satisfaction.


To provide our customers with real value-for-money solutions to their problems by delivering products and services in a way which will encourage even more sustainable business with them in the future.


To maintain and develop our existing customer base, and to explore new markets and products by developing and deploying new skills, strategies and technologies.


Our people are our most important asset. We expect them to play their part in providing 100% customer satisfaction, so in turn we ensure they develop the skills, resources and motivation to deliver our aims.

Our product quality will never be compromised for the sake of a sale. Our products reflect the company's reputation in the market place and are therefore sold with confidence and pride.

Our customer's needs are our driving force and we will strive to meet those needs by remaining flexible and adaptable, deploring our substantial skills, knowledge and expertise to solving their problems.

Our suppliers are expected to deliver the same level of service and quality which our customers expect from us, so their performance is evaluated regularly to ensure compliance.